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"Our hope in hiring EventCredentials as part of our team was to create a more efficient way of doing credentials, logistics and media information access, and we got more than we hoped for. EventCredentials innovative approaches to these areas really proved to be the trick. They helped us move into the twenty first-century, utilizing web technologies to streamline tasks."

Benn Fleishman - Executive in Charge of Production (Screen Actors Guild Awards®)

"You and your website have helped make so many events a pleasure for me and my staff of photographers and editors. Credentialing - so often a tedious process fraught with faxes and extended games of phone tag - was distilled down to a few minutes on a web site. Names are submitted, phones are ordered. It’s a real one stop shop. Every event should be so easy!"

Tom Stathis - California State Photo Editor

"I would like to thank you so much for your handling of the credentials at this year's Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards... From the initial application process for getting credentials, down to the media parking on the day of the event you anticipated every need of the various media outlets."

Max Paul - Producer

"The online application for credentials was very easy to use and explained each category thoroughly... it was obvious from your onsite credential facility management that your company understands how to execute a complex credentialing operation, I wish every event we cover would use your services. Thank you again for making our lives a little bit easier!"

John Butler - Coordinating Producer

"... the online credential request component simplified our initial submission. There were no hard copy media applications to obtain, file or misplace. The convenience of accessing the site at anytime during the day and receiving an e-mail receipt was priceless."

Corie Henson - Supervising Producer Live Events

"It has been very helpful to apply for credentials over the Internet, eliminating the stacks of paper and numerous files that one otherwise has to deal with on a daily basis."

Carole Willcocks - L.A. Bureau Operations Manager

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