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  Photo Credentials / RFID Enhanced Credentials   

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  Benefits to Using RFID [Enhanced Security / Data Collection]   

Photo Credentials / RFID Enhanced Credentials

Depending on the level of security required for an event or the attendee data collection needs of the event organizer, a credential may be basic or very high tech. A basic credential would be reflective of a paper name badge while an advance credential would be accompanied by some type of anti-counterfeit and data collection technology embedded into the credential. Such technology might include a photo, bar coding or an embedded RFID computer chip that is linked with the event credential software for authentication of the access rights of a particular attendee’s credential.

Physical Credential Options
  • Name/Organization/Access Rights/Workshops displayed on credential
  • Attendee credential photo prominently displayed
  • RFID (radio frequency identification device) embedded in credential for increased security or data collection purposes

Electronic Data Collection, Verification & Reporting

If collecting data on each individual’s attendance to specific workshop sessions is a need of your event then RFID is for you. It provides event organizers with the ability to record attendance logs for each workshop and create custom attendance reports for each session as well as for each individual attendee. In addition, it provides for the electronic verification of each attendee’s granted access to the venue or rooms within the venue. EC’s team handles every detail, including:

  • Embedding of the RFID chip into your event’s customized physical credential
  • Creation of an individual electronic access record for all attendees receiving a credential
  • Supply and support of PDA scanning equipment throughout the event:
  • -  Used to authenticate each attendee’s credential and control access to secured
       perimeter as well as secured areas within the event site
  • -  Positioned at workshop entrance points to electronically capture each individual’s
       attendance at sessions (attendance reports immediately available)

Benefits to Using RFID

Enhanced Security
  • Embedded chip is linked to attendee’s electronic record
  • Wireless PDA scanning devices used to authenticate attendee’s permitted access
  • Most secure anti-counterfeit device possible
  • Provides staff with the ability to deactivate lost or stolen credentials
Data Collection Capabilities
  • Record attendee’s access to venue or workshop sessions
  • Create real-time entrance data log for each attendee
  • Unlike bar coding RFID does not require a direct scan to capture attendance and cannot be duplicated

EC has spent years developing its proprietary RFID software solution. The solution was developed to operate on PDA equipment that is easily transportable to any venue throughout the world. The PDA scanning equipment provided by EC can be moved efficiently and effectively from event to event as well as throughout the venue itself with ease. There by allowing major events to put in place the same sophisticated security and data collection systems that they use at their permanent office complex without the high installation and maintenance costs.

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