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EventCredentials specializes in providing secure "turnkey" online event registration solutions for large-scale events. The Company successfully utilizes web technology to streamline the online registration and contact data management of individuals wishing to attend your event. The EC Solution has been developed based on the event registration experience and knowledge that EventCredentials’ principals have gained over the past 10 years coordinating the registration process for major events. EC’s professional staff believes that the key to a successful online registration process is the control of, and ease of access to, the information received by the event organizers during the registration process. For this reason, EC’s online registration solution places great emphasis on the administrative tools provided to event organizers.

Online Event Registration

  • EventCredentials’ web-based registration solution delivers a seamless transition from your event site to your custom online event registration application
  • EC’s web technician will integrate the look and feel of your site directly into the application
  • Online applications will be submitted by attendees and data will be housed in the event specific database where it awaits review by event staff
  • Online process eliminates excess paper applications and organizes registrant data electronically
  • Solution allows event organizers to implement a state of the art online registration system without the upfront development cost and time commitment usually required to build one
Attendee Database Management

  • Available with or without online registration package
  • Password protected access provided to your event team
  • Secure turnkey hosted registration solution, without monthly maintenance costs
  • Event Staff can view in real-time from any PC who has requested or been granted access to workshop or designed area
  • Online administrative tools allow event coordinators to control every aspect of the event registration and backend decision-making process
  • View in real time information on remaining workshop or session capacity
  • Electronically store for easy recall attendee contact data
  • View, print and email registration reports at any time

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