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If your organization is producing an event...
  • Industry Conference
  • Trade Show
  • Film Festival / Premier
  • Sporting Event
  • Political Event
  • Press Conference
  • Televised Awards Show
  • High Profile Party
  • Product Launch
- then EventCredentials, LLC has the right solution for you

EventCredentials specializes in providing "turnkey" event online registration, credentialing and ticketing solutions to events of all types and sizes. From the Company’s secure online registration process down to its user-friendly RFID credentialing and ticketing software, EventCredentials is the company Events turn to for assistance.

Whether you require an easy to use online registration application that can be anonymously linked to your event's homepage or a sophisticated anti-counterfeit photographic RFID credential with an embedded access control computer chip, you need not look any further. EventCredentials has the resources and experience to assist any organization interested in electronically managing their registration and credentialing process.

EventCredentials proprietary interactive solutions assist organizations in streamlining registration and controlling credentials and access rights for all attendees. That is why events that require the most secure, professional and efficient credential, access control and ticketing services available, choose EventCredentials.

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